Human Rights

Here is a video I created for my marketing campaign about human rights.This campaign was a project in were we(our team yale classrooms at JAMS) picked a global goal we thought was significant and showed the problem and solution.I created a story telling for my Human Rights group.  If you’d like to see the rest of our work, here’s a link. Also It’d be great if you could give us feedback.

Human Rights

Credit to: Clker-Free-Vector-Images @Flickr

Many people are discriminated by who they like or by who they are in general. Not only these people but people who have a certain religion or believe in one certain thing. I respect people and their beliefs, but I personally am an atheist because some religions are very closed minded to many opinions, styles, ethnicities, ideas, sexaulities, and even other relgions. Sometimes it is not the fault of one but in the way or society where they were raised. For example, in some countries in the middle east liking someone from the same gender can be punishable by death. I do not think that this is fair at all. It’s like saying just because you like a certain food over another you’re going to get killed. Also just because some people believe in a certain religion they are being treated differently. For example, in a country ruled by an orange Muslim countries are getting entries closed to the united states.


My family consists of Five people, My mum and dad, my sister and brother and I myself. My family does not really have a favorite activity. The most shared thing we have in common is our love for seafood, Vacation time ( like going to Santa Barbra, Oregon, Ohio, Nebraska, etc).Then from there on out I don’t have much in common with my mom,dad or brother. My sister on the other hand, we’re inseparable. We love to binge watch Supernatural or IZombie as a summer and winter activity. One of our favorite Summer Activities is going to Warped tour/Or concerts in general or we go to this one Cat Cafe in LA. Aside from that she’s where most of my money goes, that’s why i’m always broke.One of my favorite cousins would have to be my cousin Bryan. Although I rarely get to see him because he is in the Military he is one of the most Childish, outgoing, and open minded cousin I have. (Not to mention that he can eat a whole Costco pizza by himself.) He can really get a good laugh out of you.